This documentary delves into the practicality of one of humankind’s oldest dreams: Eternal life. From a radical new global movement to seriously intricate tech therapy, longer life might be achievable sooner than we think. But how will it change us? 

I am excited that I could be part of this video and contribute by sharing my views with Max More - CEO of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Roanne Van Voorst - writer and anthropologist of the future, Dr. Anders Sandberg - Research Fellow at Oxford Future of Humanity Institute, Dr. Isabel Millar - Philosopher and Psychoanalytic Theorist, James Strole & Bernadeane - Founders of People Unlimited and Raadfest, Nick Bostrom - Director of Oxford Future Humanity Institute, Steven Laureys - Neuroscientists, Founder of Consciousness and Coma Science Group

Watch this program and learn more about the fascinating developments in the longevity field!