Longevity Vision

My goal is to live to 200—and to find an affordable way for everyone else to do the same. We are on the brink of a Longevity Revolution, with new scientific discoveries and exciting technological advances now making it possible to reverse aging and treat previously incurable diseases

Helping people to live long, healthy, and happy lives is my lifelong mission. I have coached everyone from my wonderful housekeeping lady to Forbes billionaires, and their enthusiastic feedback has inspired me to share my knowledge with more people in the world. This is how my corporate Longevity @ Work initiative, a free corporate life extension program designed to help people adopt longevity-promoting lifestyles, was born, as well as the idea to write the book 'The Science and Technology of GROWING YOUNG'


Precision gene therapy company with a transformative and proprietary discovery platform that enables it to harness the power of directed evolution to customize novel adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors targeted to specific tissue types in order to unlock the full potential of gene therapy for a broad range of rare and large market diseases Co-founded by David Kirn, David Schaffer, Theresa Janke, and Melissa Kotterman in 2013


Longevity-focused AI company that develops a new AI system that can predict an individual’s biological age significantly more accurately than conventional methods, paving the road to discover what biological culprits drive aging-related diseases A spin-off from Insilico Medicine, founded by Alex Zhavoronkov


A health tech company that creates the best-in-class digital stethoscope platform that captures both heart sounds and ECG readings, and is connected to an AI technology that received an FDA clearance for heart disease assessment and monitoring Co-founded by Connor Landgraf, Jason Bellet, Tyler Crouch in 2013


Medical imaging company that develops ultrasound systems and AI for imaging and therapeutic applications, providing physicians a single, handheld, portable device that can be used for the entire body Co-founded by Sandeep Akkaraju, Janusz Bryzek, Yusuf Haque and John Kokulis in 2015


Health technology company that develops next-generation blood tests for early cancer detection powered by a multiomics platform Co-founded by Gabriel Otte, Riley Ennis, and Charles Roberts in 2014


Next-generation artificial intelligence company that utilizes advances in genomics, big data analysis and deep learning for in silico drug discovery and biomarker development for age-related diseases Founded by Alex Zhavoronkov in 2014


Biopharmaceutical company that builds an ecosystem and diversified pipeline of therapeutics and technologies targeting aging, age-related disease and regeneration Co-founded by Jim Mellon, Gregory Bailey, and Declan Doogan in 2017


Biopharmaceutical company that develops therapies for age-related diseases, focusing on the biology of aging and the goal of significantly extending healthy human lifespans through pioneering research and product development Co-founded by Tristan Edwards and David Sinclair in 2017


Biotechnology company with an organ regeneration technology platform enabling a patient's lymph nodes to be used as bioreactors to regrow functioning ectopic organs. Currently focused on liver regeneration Co-founded by Michael Hufford and Eric Lagasse in 2017


Biotechnology company developing encapsulated cell therapy platform that combines advanced cell engineering with innovations in bio-compatible materials to provide durable, controllable, and safe treatment for serious chronic diseases without fibrosis or immune rejection. Founded by Flagship Pioneering in conjunction with Robert Langer and Daniel Anderson from MIT in 2016