Stem cell injections? Butter in your coffee? Blueberries for breakfast? Today we’re overwhelmed with information on how to live longer and stay healthier and under-equipped to navigate through it. The good news is that we’ve never had more knowledge about how we might extend our lifespans. The bad news is that we don’t know how to make informed decisions

In this live “Ask Me Anything” session, Sergey Young, longevity visionary and investor, will share his unique expertise on what we can do today to increase our chances of being healthy and live as long as possible. Sergey is the founder of Longevity Vision Fund, XPRIZE Innovation Board member, Age Reversal XPRIZE Development Sponsor, one of Top-100 Longevity Leaders, and a Forbes Tech Council contributor

Sourav Sinha, is a young entrepreneur recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 for disrupting the healthcare space, and will be co-hosting the event. He is also a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, which recognizes young leaders driving dialogue, action, and change. Previously, Sourav led regenerative medicine initiatives at Celularity, a Celgene spinout, and a commercial-stage cellular therapeutics company. Sourav is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor in the biotech industry

If you want to learn how to increase your lifespan and enjoy life to the fullest watch this video