Recently I shared an interview with Jana Hlitsova, and we discussed the following topics:

  • Why invest as a VC?
  • The definition of longevity
  • Is there a difference in how men and women think about longevity?
  • Women's health: an underserved market
  • Gender-lens investing and female investors
  • The Longevity Visionary Fund: Sergey's investment thesis
  • Why invest in disruptive businesses?
  • How are data and technology enabling this disruption?
  • How to diversify risk in a fund
  • Investing for impact and the collaborative vs competitive mindset
  • What makes a good investor?
  • Sergey's personal plan to living until 200 years of age
  • 2050: what is possible as a result of Sergey's work and investments


I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation