Eat this food. Take this supplement. Make these lifestyle changes. Read this study. Count on your genes. It’s a never-ending buzz surrounding longevity, and we’re all in, waiting to hear the latest news on how we can live longer and stronger.

But what does it all actually mean in terms of our physical bodies? Will there even be enough food available if we start living to 150? What does retirement look like when you live past 100? 

Sergey Young, longevity expert and founder of the Longevity Vision Fund—which invests in breakthrough technologies that hope to increase the human lifespan—wants to bust some myths about what longevity really means and specifically what living to 150 (and beyond) might look like.  Here are a few of his theories:

1)     Myth: We Need to Live to 150 in the Same Physical Body.

Fact: “For the time being, due to wear and tear, the human body doesn’t typically last much beyond 100 years,” Young said. “However, revolutionary approaches in medicine will push boundaries of what was previously thought possible and offer solutions to renew and replace our body parts.”

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