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Will These Be The Healthcare Innovations For The ‘20s?

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Longevity Vision Fund invests in breakthrough technologies that are helping to increase the human lifespan. As you know, I am very passionate and knowledgeable about healthy habits, lifestyle choices and related technology. So when Sustain Health asked, I named the most innovative technologies and ideas to look out for in the 2020s:

Ten years ago, wearables like FitBit were just starting to be on consumers’ radar. Apple Watch was five years away from being introduced. Drones had not yet “taken off.” AI was more science fiction film fodder than anything else – certainly not known as a potentially life-saving technology.

But that’s all changed, and the 2020s will see even more spectacular technological advances in healthcare and medicine.

We asked Sergey Young, founder of the $100 million Longevity Vision Fund (LVF), what healthcare and medicine innovations to look out for over the next decade. LVF invests in breakthrough technologies that are helping to increase the human lifespan, so Young is tapped into the latest and greatest in the spaces. Here are the cutting edge technologies that he says to look out for in the 2020s:

1.     Mind-controlled wearables: CTRL-Labs have developed an electronic wristband prototype, which will allow mental control of computers by translating brain activity into digital actions The wristband is an important step in developing a new type of technology that could replace traditional keyboard-mouse setups and touchscreens. This could help paralyzed patients, with the brain-computer interface eliminating the risks and invasiveness of getting a brain implant

2.     Artificial Intelligence to diagnose cancer: Google Health built an AI system that outperforms human radiologists in diagnosing lung cancer, detecting 5% more cancer cases and 11% fewer false positives than a control group of six human radiologists. Fewer false positives mean less unnecessary invasive diagnostic treatments for suspect cases

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