An expert's advice on ways to take advantage of 'the longevity revolution'

Editor’s note: The following is excerpted from "The Science and Technology of Growing Young" by Sergey Young

If you are under 60 and in reasonably good health, I believe you will witness some groundbreaking health care advances within your lifetime. And, I believe, you will be able to grow young with the aid of these astonishing new technologies

Living to at least 100 is within reach for most people on the planet today. In the United States, 50% currently make it past 83 and 25% past 90. Going forward, these numbers will only improve for anyone who follows what I call a longevity-optimized lifestyle

My advice: do everything possible to improve your chances of being around to take advantage of the successive waves of scientific improvement. How? Follow my 10 longevity choices that can help you extend your lifespan


1. Get your health checked. Early diagnosis is critical for the prevention of disease and age-related decline. So, get yourself checked regularly and as comprehensively as possible


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