Most people may not know this, but we have a modern-day oracle. We have a tool that has already predicted the future several times. What is it, you ask? It's pop culture.

In 1962, The Jetsons hit our airwaves. The classic TV show follows the quaint Jetsons family in an undetermined future. It features robot vacuums, three-hour workdays and flying cars. In 2020, we have our Roombas, Tim Ferriss’s famous four-hour workweek concept and Terrafugia's flying car prototype.

In 1989, Back To The Future Part II predicted the development of wearable technology, hoverboards and augmented reality. In 2020, we seemingly can't go a day without reading about the latest AR innovation or the success or failure of Fitbit. We even have our own hoverboard prototype — Hendo.

However, one thing that pop culture hasn't predicted yet is what healthcare will look like in the future — and in a way, pop culture doesn't have to. We have today for that. Below are five out-of-this-world technologies that could shape healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence Diagnosing Cancer

According to the computer and cognitive scientist John McCarthy, known as the Father of AI, artificial intelligence is "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs."

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