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Longevity Vision Fund invests into a medical imaging company

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Longevity Vision Fund announced the completion of a Series B investment round into Exo Imaging. 

This brings Exo Imaging’s latest fundraising total to nearly $50 million since its launch in 2015. Along Longevity Vision Fund, investments were also made by Applied Ventures, Bold Capital, Creative Ventures, Intel Capital, Magnetar Capital, Nautilus Venture Partners, OSF Healthcare, Rising Tide Fund, Sony Innovation Fund, and Wanxiang Healthcare Investments.

Co-founded by Sandeep Akkaraju, Exo Imaging is a California-based medical imaging startup that develops ultrasound systems with the goal of providing physicians a single, handheld probe that can be used for the entire body—from observing the heart and other organs to imaging a person’s vasculature or skeletal features in 3D.

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