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"Healthy Longevity Must Be Affordable and Accessible" - Sergey’s Interview with Susan Flory, Journalist and Author of “The Big Middle”

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I want to share my recent interview with Susan Flory. A former television and radio journalist, who among other projects, was managing news teams, presenting, reporting and producing TV programs and documentaries for the CBC, BBC, SBC (Swiss), Reuters and Euronews. Her current mission is to rethink aging in a world obsessed with youth. One of the tools she uses is her podcast, “The Big Middle”, in which she invited me to be a guest.

On the podcast, we talk about my route into the exploding longevity industry, my mission, why I am against immortality, Longevity Vision Fund investments, the longevity science and the innovation that excites me the most! One key discussion, on the podcast, was also how everyone in the industry needs to improve communication of their goals to better engage policymakers and the public. 

I hope you will enjoy this conversation.

Link here.

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