Longevity Vision Fund, one of the few life extension-focused funds in the world, invests in Juvenescence, a biopharmaceutical company that builds a pipeline of therapeutic assets to target aging, regeneration and the diseases of aging to increase human longevity.

After closing the $100m Series B investment round, the UK-based company is being valued at $500m and due to be listed on the stock market next year. Having raised $165m from its inception, Juvenescence plans to use the latest funding round to advance a number of anti-aging programs

Founded by British billionaire Jim Mellon in 2017, the company is creating a so-called “longevity ecosystem” — a network of interlinked companies (created, acquired or in partnership with Juvenescence) with longevity-related therapeutics that are coordinated by a group of scientists, drug developers, AI specialists and financial experts.

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