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Longevity Vision Fund invests into record-breaking AI Drug Discovery Company

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Longevity Vision Fund, one of the few life extension-focused funds in the world, announced it had invested into Insilico Medicine, a pioneer in next-generation artificial intelligence technology for drug discovery led by Alex Zhavoronkov. 

This completes a $37 million Series B funding round total together with other investors including Qiming Venture Partners, Eight Roads, F-Prime Capital, Lilly Asia Ventures, Sinovation Ventures, Baidu Ventures, Pavilion Capital, BOLD Capital Partners, Juvenescence and Oculus VR co-founder Michel Antonov. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in the future of healthcare is one of the key investment interests for the Longevity Vision Fund. AI is speeding up the process of designing new drugs from years to just days. AI-powered drug discovery technology has unparalleled disruptive potential – drastically cutting drug development costs, by shortening the drug development timeframe and eliminating many false starts, which can occur at any stage of the development process. 

Additional information can be found here.


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