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On Longevity Vision Fund’s Plans, Sneak Peek on the Upcoming Book, Growing Young, and Much More in Sergey’s Interview with Life Extension Advocacy Foundation

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Recently I spoke with Nicola Bagala from Life Extension Advocacy Foundation and I am happy to share the results with you here. I hope you will enjoy it!

We recently had the opportunity to interview Sergey Young, a board member of XPRIZE and the creator of the $100m Longevity Vision Fund.

When did you first become interested in healthy life extension, and why?

My interest began with a routine visit to a doctor. Five years ago, at the age of 42, my blood tests – which I neglected for 7 years, thinking I was in perfect health – showed that my cholesterol was extremely high, putting me at risk of one of the most common killers: heart disease. 

The only treatment offered by my doctor at the time was to take statins (cholesterol-reducing medication) for the rest of my life. However, this seemed unnatural and potentially dangerous for the body, and I definitely did not want to “live” on a pill forever. I refused to accept this as the only option (the doctor even made me sign a waiver for refusing treatment) and kept pushing for alternatives. Eventually, the doctor suggested I try a Mediterranean-style diet (based around healthy fats, cutting out sugar, etc.), which worked in bringing my cholesterol down to a normal range without any medication at all. 

It’s a pity that doctors, even well-meaning ones, do not start with dietary changes first. Since then, I developed an interest in diet and a lifestyle-based approach to health and longevity, and hope I can share this knowledge with as many people as possible. Continue here.

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Longevity Vision Fund's Recent Investments

Longevity Vision Fund, (LVF) is a $100M life extension-focused fund founded by longevity investor and visionary Sergey Young. LVF has recently announced funding into Exo Imaging, Insilico Medicine and Juvenescence. Find out more here:

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