Recently, I shared my thoughts on nutritional habits and choices that promote a healthy lifespan with Ladders. We discussed dietary myths, sources of good calories and more. Please read this piece to find out additional tips and ideas:

We all need more vegetables in our life, but including them in our core three meals is easier said than done. As it turns out plant-based diets actually work the best when an individual drafts their own guidelines around unique health needs and objectives.

A plan that encourages plant-based meals while allowing room for animal products on occasion is alternatively known as the Flexitarian diet. 

Helping Ladders navigate the specifics of an optimal Flexitarian diet is the expertise of Sergey Young, founder of the Longevity Vision Fund.

For years Young has dedicated his assets, network connections and global research community toward developing affordable and scientifically proven wellness habits. His self-professed mission is to fund the next phase in the longevity revolution.

Tips, tricks, and myths

In Young’s estimation, the first step begins with debunking the falsehoods keeping too many people from breaking away from their toxic dietary habits.

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