Longevity explained

by Sergey Young

Food and Longevity

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April 20, 2021

Note: This is a revised chapter from my recent book “10 Simple Principles of a Healthy Diet: How to Lose Weight, Look Young and Live Longer”

I am extremely optimistic about our ability to improve health by simply changing how and what we eat. Make the wrong food choices, and you’ll increase your risk for a long list of problems, some deadly: cancer, high blood pressure, liver disease, and so on. Make the right ones, and the inverse takes place. 

However, many of us aren’t making the right ones. Life expectancy in the U.S. has actually been on the decline in recent years, currently being around 78 years. Also, the vast majority of Americans rely on prescription drugs. Some numbers look awful. Only one in three American children engage in daily physical activity. By 2030, half of Americans are expected to be obese.

In his recent book Food Fix, Mark Hyman, MD shares depressing data: “Obesity rates in children have tripled since the 1970s and one in three is overweight or obese. In fact, one in four teenagers now have type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes—something I never saw in my medical school training 30 years ago. If a child is overweight his life expectancy maybe 10-20 years less.”

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