Artificial intelligence, mind-reading wearables, and 3D technology are changing the face of healthcare. It was a great experience to talk to NewsMax about how these technologies could provide new opportunities for disabled patients, improve access to healthcare, and save lives. Here is the article:

A leading longevity expert and founder of the Longevity Vision Fund predicts that artificial intelligence (AI), mind-reading wearables, and 3D technology will change the face of healthcare.

"An example is lung cancer," says Sergey Young. "It's the leading cause of cancer death, accounting for 24% of cancer fatalities, and takes the lives of approximately 156,000 Americans each year. The Google Health AI team may already be saving extra lives each year in the U.S. due to an improved diagnostic rate compared to human doctors without this technology."

Young, who is dubbed a longevity visionary, has a mission to help a billion people extend their healthy lifespans by making longevity affordable and accessible to everyone.

"Improved diagnostics can catch cancers earlier to ensure a higher survival rate," he tells Newsmax. Here are some of his comments about more emerging innovations in the healthcare field:

Mind-controlled wearables. CTRL-Labs has developed an electronic wristband that gives patients mental control of computers and other devices. The electrode-studded band translates thought patterns into actions without invasive brain implants, so that people can use this new technology that could replace traditional keyboard and mouse setups or even touchscreens.

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