SERGEY YOUNG plans to live to the age of 200. And he’s not the first. Wellness is buzzing with the kinds of bio-hacks and breakthroughs that have health researchers like Sergey and the likes of Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey planning on a longer lifespan than many of us ever dreamed.  

As a longevity investor, meaning he invests in the kind of technologies designed to extend the quality and quantity of our lives, Sergey is on the cutting edge of many fascinating and, frankly, mind-boggling medical technologies.

We asked Sergey to talk to us about the top tech in each of the three longevity “horizons”, which he breaks down below. His mission? To help one billion people extend their healthy lifespans by making longevity affordable and accessible. The Longevity Vision Fund is his personal passion project, built to fund and accelerate life extension breakthroughs and to make them affordable and accessible to all. Sergey is one of few investors in the category globally and some of his investments might surprise you…

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