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by Sergey Young

Longevity Revolution. We Could “Cure” Aging

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February 25, 2021

Between running a fund dedicated to longevity and trying to get more people to consider the prospect of living past 100, it’s safe to say I spend a good deal of time immersed in conversations about our lifespans. Consistently, I’ve noticed that one topic tends to get less attention than it should: aging. People talk a lot about cancer and the promise of new health technologies. But for many, aging is still seen as something that’s inevitable and normal. 

This perspective is slowly changing in the medical community and beyond, though, and it’s yet another reason I’m certain we are on the cusp of a longevity revolution. In this series of articles, I’ve been outlining trends that suggest living past 100 (without sacrificing the quality of life) will be commonplace before we know it. Most recently, I wrote about how disruptive tech companies like Apple and Google will transform healthcare. Recognizing the fact that aging is abnormal and thus a disease that can be prevented and treated is another transformation that should be on your radar screen. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) released the latest version of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), which will be effective as of 2022. In ICD-11, an extension code for “aging” has been added, implying that WHO recognizes aging as a major disease risk factor. ICD codes are the foundation for new drugs and therapies and represent a key step towards overcoming regulatory hurdles around them. This could pave the way for widespread acknowledgment of aging as a disease and an influx of funding related to treatments, if not a cure.

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